Glass Fibre Panel G2 – G3 to EN779

The Glass Fibre Panel is a general-purpose panel filter which consists of a lofted glass fibre pad with a graduated density which ensures maximum dust holding capacity. The pad is held into a rigid moisture resistant cardboard frame.  We hold stock and manufacture standard size panel filters, and make non-standard sizes to order.

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The disposable glass fibre media panel filter is widely used in ventilation and air conditioning systems. As an inexpensive filter it offers a medium to low level of efficiency at a low replacement cost. This product provides low resistance whilst achieving high dust holding capacities. It is suitable as a pre filter for higher grades of air filtration or as a simple filter for general use within air handling systems.

The glass fibre panel contains a core of resilient continuously spun glass fibre with a graduated density. The media is further enhanced with a coating of anti-dusting agent. The pad is then contained within a moisture resistant rigid card framed.

Available in both standard & non standard sizes.

Max Face Velocity m/sMax Temp ℃Max Humidity
25mm = 1.27080% RH
50mm = 2.07080% RH
Panel Size (mm)Panel Size (Inches)Rated Airflow
22mm / 1 inch
Rated Airflow
47mm / 2 inch
Initial ResistanceSuggested Final ResistanceEN 779 Rating
242 x 24210 x 100.07m3/s0.11m3/s50pa150paG3
289 x 28912 x 120.10m3/s0.17m3/s50pa150paG3
369 x 36915 x 150.16m3/s0.27m3/s50pa150paG3
445 x 44518 x 180.24m3/s0.40m3/s50pa150paG3
495 x 24220 x 100.14m3/s0.24m3/s50pa150paG3
495 x 39420 x 160.23m3/s0.39m3/s50pa150paG3
495 x 49520 x 200.29m3/s0.49m3/s50pa150paG3
620 x 39525 x 160.29m3/s0.49m3/s50pa150paG3
620 x 49525 x 200.37m3/s0.61m3/s50pa150paG3
594 x 28924 x 120.19m3/s0.32m3/s50pa150paG3
594 x 49524 x 200.33m3/s0.54m3/s50pa150paG3
594 x 59424 x 240.39m3/s0.65m3/s50pa150paG3