Front Withdrawal Frames and Side Withdrawal Housings

Our filter frames and housings are available for any style of filter including panels, bag, carbons, and HEPAs. We supply either side withdrawal casings for duct mounting, or front withdrawal frames for installation into air handling units or voids.

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Front Withdrawal Frames for Air Filters

The filter business’s Front Withdrawal Frames for Air Filters are made from galvanised steel sheets. The Frames can hold panel and bag filters. P-clips, filter retaining clips, are provided to suit the size of filter required (22mm / 1 inch, 47mm / 2 inch, 75mm / 3 inch or 97mm / 4 inch)

Individual Air Filter retaining frames can be joined together though pop-riveting or spot welded together to cover larger areas.

Air Filter Retaining Frames are made to an overall dimension 19mm larger then the face dimension of the filter or bag they are made to retain. The Filter Frames is manufactured to 75mm deep.