V Pleated Panel Air Filter G4 to EN779

The G4 V Pleated Panel Filter consists of a pleated synthetic media core, bonded to a steel support mesh to give maximum stability and then sealed into a rigid moisture resistant card frame. For high humidity applications, these V Pleat Filters are available with a galvanised steel frame. We hold stock of standard sized panel filters, and make non-standard sizes to order.

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What size is your V Pleated Panel Filter?

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Pleated Panel Air Filter Application

The V Pleated Panel Filter provides a high level of efficiency at a low replacement cost.

V Pleated Panel Air Filters are suitable for use as a pre filter for higher grades of air filtration or for use as a simple filter for general use within air handling systems where the use of glass-fibre filters are unacceptable.

Construction of a V Pleated Panel Air Filter

A V Pleated Panel contains a core of non-hygrosopic and hydrophobic fibrous media designed specifically for use in air filtration.

The media is manufactured with a graded fibre density to ensure optimum and even dust retention combined with low initial resistance. The material is thermally bonded to a galvanised steel support mesh for stability. The V pleated pack is then fully bonded into a moisture resistant card frame.

We can also manufacture the filter with a metal surround frame. Available in both standard & non standard sizes.

Maximum Operational Parameters of a Pleated Panel Filter

Maximum Face Velocity m/s Max Temp °C Max Humidity
25mm = 1.2 70 80% RH
50mm = 2.5 70 80% RH
100mm = 3.2 70 80% RH

Technical Information for V Pleat Air Filters

Panel Size (mm) Panel Size (Inches) Rated Airflow
22mm / 1 inch
Rated Airflow
47mm / 2 inch
Rated Airflow
97mm / 4 inch
Initial Resistance Suggested Final Resistance EN 779 Rating
242 x 242 10 x 10 0.07m3/s 0.15m3/s 0.19m3/s 70pa 280pa G4
289 x 289 12 x 12 0.10m3/s 0.21m3/s 0.28m3/s 70pa 280pa G4
369 x 369 15 x 15 0.16m3/s 0.34m3/s 0.44m3/s 70pa 280pa G4
445 x 445 18 x 18 0.24m3/s 0.50m3/s 0.63m3/s 70pa 280pa G4
495 x 242 20 x 10 0.14m3/s 0.30m3/s 0.38m3/s 70pa 280pa G4
495 x 394 20 x 16 0.23m3/s 0.49m3/s 0.62m3/s 70pa 280pa G4
495 x 495 20 x 20 0.29m3/s 0.61m3/s 0.78m3/s 70pa 280pa G4
620 x 395 25 x 16 0.29m3/s 0.61m3/s 0.78m3/s 70pa 280pa G4
620 x 495 25 x 20 0.37m3/s 0.77m3/s 0.98m3/s 70pa 280pa G4
594 x 289 24 x 12 0.19m3/s 0.40m3/s 0.51m3/s 70pa 280pa G4
594 x 495 24 x 20 0.33m3/s 0.68m3/s 0.87m3/s 70pa 280pa G4
594 x 594 24 x 24 0.39m3/s 0.82m3/s 1.00m3/s 70pa 280pa G4

Alternative: High Efficiency Pleated Panel Air Filter

high efficiency pleated panels F7
High Efficiency Pleated Panels M5, M6, F7 & F8

V pleated Panel Air Filters are graded to G4 to EN779, for higher grades look at our High Efficiency Panel range for grades M5, M6, F7 and F8.