Air filters for Commercial Kitchen Filters grease

Grease Canopy Air Filters are the most important Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Filters, in a kitchen extract ventilation system. Baffle or Mesh Style Grease Filters fitted in the kitchen canopy are designed to remove airborne grease created by cooking oils and fats to protect ducting from grease build up minimising fire risk and reducing the required cleaning frequency.

There are two styles of Grease Filters for kitchen canopies, Mesh Grease Filters and Baffle Grease Filters.

Mesh Style Grease Filters consist of a pack of woven mesh, to trap airborne oils. the pack is contained in a metal frame, with drain holes and handles.

Baffle Style Grease Filters have two sets of interlocking blades which force the oil laden air around on itself separating the oil from the air. Baffles are easier to drain and clean, making for a safer filter, but with a higher resistance to airflow, makes the baffle not optimal for retrofitting.

Cleaning Solutions for Grease Filters in Commercial Kitchens

Keeping Kitchen Canopy Grease Filters clean from the build up of grease is important to maintain good levels of airflow through the air filter to extract the airborne grease. However more vitally, removing the grease reduces the risk of the filter catching fire from the grease built up inside.

The Filter Business offer a simple solution with the grease filter cleaning tank, which combined with our Universal Degreaser Cleaning Crystals and filled up with warm water, you can leave the dirty grease filters in overnight to help remove the grease.

Commercial Kitchen Filters Odour Control – Activated Carbon Filters

Kitchen extracts can emit strong cooking odours from your restaurant. The Filter Business can offer a wide variety of activated carbon odour control solutions for commercial kitchen filters to suit your needs. Activated carbon is great for reducing smells and odour, as the smelly gaseous molecules get caught the pores in the carbon, trapping them and limiting the discharging odour.

We also stock and manufacture a range of replacement Carbon Cells and and Panels for your existing kitchen extract systems.

Commercial Kitchen Safety Equipment

Commercial Kitchens have many hazards, and The Filter Business wants to help make purchasing these vital safety equipment like fire extinguishers and first aid kits, as easy as possible.