Glass Fibre Panel Air Filter G2 – G3 to EN779

Glass Fibre Panel Air Filters is a general-purpose panel filter which consists of a lofted glass fibre pad with a graduated density which ensures maximum dust holding capacity. The glass fibre pad is held into a rigid moisture resistant cardboard frame. We hold stock and manufacture standard size Glass Fibre Panel Filters, and make non-standard sizes to order.

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Panel Air Filter Applications

The disposable Glass Fibre Media Panel Filter is widely used in ventilation and air conditioning systems. Because Glass Fibre Panel Air Filters are an inexpensive filter, which offers a medium to low level of efficiency at a low replacement cost.

Glass Fibre Panels provide low resistance whilst achieving high dust holding capacities. Therefore It is suitable as a pre filter for higher grades of air filtration or as a simple filter for general use within air handling systems.

Construction of a Glass Fibre Panel Air Filter

Glass Fibre Media Cut Pad
Glass Fibre Media Cut Pad

The glass fibre panel filter contains a core of resilient continuously spun glass fibre with a graduated density. The media is further enhanced with a coating of anti-dusting agent. The pad is then contained within a moisture resistant rigid card framed.

Glass Fibre Cut Pads are available to order, which can be coupled with a long lasting metal Pad Holding Frame for a greener alternative with less waste.

The glass fibre media is contained within a rigid moisture resistant cardboard frame

Available in both standard & non standard sizes.

Maximum Operational Parameters for a Glass Fibre Panel

Maximum Face Velocity m/sMax Temp ÔäâMax Humidity
25mm = 1.27080% RH
50mm = 2.07080% RH

Glass Fibre Panel Filter Technical Information

Panel Size (mm)Panel Size (Inches)Rated Airflow
22mm / 1 inch
Rated Airflow
47mm / 2 inch
Initial ResistanceSuggested Final ResistanceEN 779 Rating
242 x 24210 x 100.07m3/s0.11m3/s50pa150paG3
289 x 28912 x 120.10m3/s0.17m3/s50pa150paG3
369 x 36915 x 150.16m3/s0.27m3/s50pa150paG3
445 x 44518 x 180.24m3/s0.40m3/s50pa150paG3
495 x 24220 x 100.14m3/s0.24m3/s50pa150paG3
495 x 39420 x 160.23m3/s0.39m3/s50pa150paG3
495 x 49520 x 200.29m3/s0.49m3/s50pa150paG3
620 x 39525 x 160.29m3/s0.49m3/s50pa150paG3
620 x 49525 x 200.37m3/s0.61m3/s50pa150paG3
594 x 28924 x 120.19m3/s0.32m3/s50pa150paG3
594 x 49524 x 200.33m3/s0.54m3/s50pa150paG3
594 x 59424 x 240.39m3/s0.65m3/s50pa150paG3