Odour Pleat G4 Disposable Panel Filter

Odour Pleat G4 Cardboard Framed Panel Filter contains carbon impregnated pleated media. The media is capable of catching odours to help reduce smells passing though the filter.

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Odour Pleat G4 Filter Applications

The disposable Odour Pleat can be used in general applications to remove light odours and fumes.

Odour Pleat Filter Construction

The pleated carbon impregnated media is thermally bonded to a galvanised steel support mesh for stability. The media pack is then fully bonded into a moisture resistant card frame.

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Technical Information

Filter Class G4 – EN779:2012
Filter Class IOS16890 – ISO Coarse 85%
Rated Airflow 2.0m/s
Initial Pressure Drop 29Pa
Final Pressure Drop 150Pa

Panel Size (mm)Panel Size (Inches)Capacity m3/Hr
241 x 241 x 4510 x 10 x 2420
292 x 292 x 4512 x 12 x 2610
394 x 394 x 4516 x 16 x 21120
445 x 445 x 4518 x 18 x 21430
241 x 495 x 4510 x 20 x 2860
394 x 495 x 4516 x 20 x 21400
495 x 495 x 4520 x 20 x 21760
595 x 292 x 4524 x 12 x 21250
595 x 595 x 4524 x 24 x 22540