Activated Carbon Bag Filter

Activated Carbon Filter Bag provides a combination of course particle filtration and low level gas and odour removal.

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Activated Carbon Bag Filter Applications

The Activated Carbon Rigid Bag Filter combines odour and gas phase filtration with particulate efficiency of G3/G4 to provide a filter designed to cope with modern environments. The active carbon is particularly effective on VOCs.

Carbon Bag Filter Construction

The frame of the carbon bag filter is constructed from a Galvanised steel header frame holding pockets made from an impregnated carbon media. The pockets allow for optimum airflow through the filter, with a large contact area for air contact and dust holding capacity.

Other Activated Carbon Odour Control Solutions

Activated carbon rigid bag air filter
Activated carbon rigid bag filter

Bag Filter with Activated Carbon not suitable for your requirements?

For higher grade filtration our Activated Carbon Bag Rigid Filters are constructed in a ABS moulded plastic case with media packs inside, which are a durable synthetic minipleat construction which is bonded into the frame creating a maximum strength and optimum airflow..

As used in commercial kitchens, our activated carbon panels and discarb filters provide higher odour control to help remove strong food smells for restaurants.

Filter Technical Information

Size: (HxWxD) Header Size Pockets Efficiency Rating Carbon Loading
592x592x300 mm 20mm 6 pocket G3/G4 to BS EN 779 1920 m3/hr @ 45 Pa 78 grams / m2
592x592x500 mm 20mm 6 pocket G3/G4 to BS EN 779 3200 m3/hr @ 45 Pa 78 grams / m2
592x592x600 mm 20mm 6 pocket G3/G4 to BS EN 779 3400 m3/hr @ 50 Pa 78 grams / m2