Ventilation Duct and Canopy Cleaning

Please email photos of the canopy and duct run to assist in pricing.


We pride ourselves on putting our customer first, which is why all our duct cleans include:

  • Full clean of canopy and filters (or replacement filters)
  • Full clean of ducts and fitment of access doors if needed
  • Certificate and spec sheet including system airflow analysis
  • Before and after photographs
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Why have my ducts cleaned?

Canopy and duct cleaning not only reduces fire risk on your premises, but also improves your extract system efficiency. If your canopy, ducts and fan are covered in grease, this causes drag and makes your fan work harder which will increase electricity consumption and therefore your electricity bills.

What is TR/19?

This is the guideline which most insurance companies want their customers to adhere to for duct cleaning. This gives an easy indication of how many times a year the ducts/canopy should be cleaned and to what standards the cleaning should be carried out. Below is the official TR/19 cleaning schedule which is based on hours of cooking per day.

Frequency of cleaning based on hours of cooking per day:
Heavy use: 12-16 Hours per day = 3 Monthly
Moderate use: 6-12 Hours per day = 6 Monthly
Light use: 2-6 Hours per day = 12 Monthly

Does duct cleaning affect my insurance?

Having your ducts cleaned does affect your insurance because it makes it valid, If you are ever unfortunate enough to have a kitchen fire your insurance company will ask you for a certificate of duct cleanliness. If you don’t have one or yours is out of date then you may not be covered for the fire damage!

Why choose us?

We can structure our service to suit your needs, we turn up when you want us to, day or night, and we will always give you professional advice on what’s best for your system.