High Efficiency Bag Filter M5, M6, F7, F8, F9

A High Efficiency Bag Filter is made using a multi-pocket filter design supported on a galvanised steel header, and are available in five different filtration grades.

High Performance Bag Filters are ideal for use in ventilation systems that require a high air quality often required for supply air to buildings including offices, schools, shopping centres, hospitals and kitchens.

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Data Sheet

What size is your High Efficiency Bag Filter?

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High Performance Bag Filter Applications

M5 & M6 Medium Grade Bag Filters

M5 & M6 Medium Grade Bag Filters for use in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) where a moderately high standard of cleanliness needed. Also where a greater dust holding capacity is required than a panel filter can offer, whilst providing low resistance, the bag filters large pocket allows for this.

Medium Grade Bag Filters are also ideal as a pre-filter to higher efficiency bag filter systems. M6 is considered the minimum grade for kitchen supply air.

F7 F8 & F9 Fine Bag Filters

A high grade synthetic bag air filter for use in ventilation systems that require a high standard of cleanliness including offices, schools, hospitals and shopping centres.

Also where a greater dust holding capacity is required that a panel filter can’t offer, the High Efficiency Bag Filters large pocket allows for this whilst providing lower resistance.

The High Performance Bag Air Filter is designed to ensure long life between maintenance intervals.

High Efficiency Bag Filter Construction

Our High Efficiency Bag filters features synthetic media, each pocket is constructed from lofted synthetic micro fibre. Integral spacers prevent over inflation of the pockets and provide uniform air distribution throughout the media. The pockets are retained in a rigid galvanised header frame ensuring maximum stability in all applications.

Please note that non-standard sizes are available on request. Please contact the sales office on 01277 634 637.

Dimensions to pocket ratio guide

Header HxWxD Actual size in mm No. of Pockets
592x592x20mm 6
592x490x20mm 5
592x287x22mm 3

High Performance Bag Filter Colour Guide

Colour Grade EN779 ISO16890
Tan M5 ePM10 55%
Green M6 ePM10 65%
Pink F7 ePM2.5 70%
Yellow F8 ePM1 65%
White F9 ePM1 80%

Sizing a Bag Filter

Bag Filter Sizing Diagram for General Purpose and High Efficiency Bag Filter

What do we need to know when you call or email us to order or inquire about bag filters?

When ordering a HVAC bag filter, the information we need from you is:

  • Height of the bag filter
  • Width of the bag filter
  • Depth of the metal header
  • Length of the Pockets
  • How many pockets there are

Call us on: 01277 634 637
Or Email us at: info@thefilterbusiness.com

Medium to Fine Grade Pocket Air Filter Performance Guide

Average efficiency EN 779 Rating Filter Depths Rated Airflow Initial Resistance Final Resistance Average Dust Spot Efficiency
M5 300mm (12″) 1.0m3/s 65pa 300pa
M5 500mm (20″) 1.4m3/s 65pa 300pa
M5 600mm (24″) 1.5m3/s 65pa 300pa
M6 300mm (12″) 1.0m3/s 90pa 300pa 65 – 80%
M6 500mm (20″) 1.4m3/s 90pa 300pa 65 – 80%
M6 600mm (24″) 1.5m3/s 90pa 300pa 65 – 80%


The above information is based on a full sized filter 592x592mm bag filter with a 22mm header

General Filtration Bag Filter

General Purpose Bag Filter Grades G3 to G4 air filters
General Purpose Bag Filter Grades G3 to G4

For low grade G3 to G4 check out our general purpose bag filter range