Mesh Grease Filter

The Mesh Grease Filter is an extremely durable washable filter often used in kitchen canopies for removing grease. This robust filter can be made in galvanised or stainless steel and if cleaned regularly will provide a long service life. Mesh Grease Filters come with handles allowing for easy installation and removal from the canopy.

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The Grease Filter has been specifically designed to efficiently remove grease and cooking oils from the exhaust air in catering applications. The product is extremely robust and constructed for long service life, whilst providing an intricate labyrinth to ensure optimum efficiency.

The Grease Filter range is available in Galvanised or Stainless Steel, Galvanised being the most popular. The crimped knitted wire pad retained in a specially formed channel with protective facia meshes on both faces of the filter. The assembly is mechanically closed with rivets to ensure optimum strength and durability. Fold flat handle are fitted as standard.

Available in a range of standard sizes and also produced to almost any practical size. Various depths available.

It is imperative that this product is regularly cleaned according to use, failure to properly maintain them will almost certainly result in them becoming a fire hazard.

This may be accomplished by steam cleaning, washing in a dishwasher using conventional detergents or cleaners or by using proprietary cleaning agents.

Nominal Filter Size
Actual Filter Size
Rated Capacity
Resistance At 2.5m/s Face Velocity
254 x 508 x 50241 x 495 x 450.3025 Pa
406 x 508 x 50394 x 495 x 450.4825 Pa
457 x 457 x 50445 x 445 x 450.4825 Pa
508 x 508 x 50495 x 495 x 450.6225 Pa

Note: Grease filters require regular cleaning, failure to properly maintain them will almost certainly result in them becoming a fire hazard. Grease filter cleaning crystals and cleaning tanks are available.