M5 Bag Filters for Restaurants

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Data Sheet

M5 Bag Filters

Bag Filters for Restaurants are made to grade M5 filtration to EN779. M5 is for medium efficiency filtration in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, where a greater dust holding capacity is required than a panel filter can offer, whilst providing low resistance. The M5 bag filter is also ideal as a pre-filter to higher efficiency bag filter systems.

Bag Filter Sizing Diagram for General Purpose and High Efficiency Bag Filter

What do we need to know when you call or email us to order or inquire about bag filters?

When ordering a HVAC bag filter, the information we need from you is:

  • Height of the bag filter
  • Width of the bag filter
  • Depth of the metal header
  • Length of the Pockets
  • How many pockets there are

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Low Grade Pocket Filter Performance Guide

Average efficiency EN 779 Rating Filter Depths Rated Airflow Initial Resistance Final Resistance Average Arrestance
G4 300mm (12″) 0.9m3/s 50pa 200pa 80-90%
G4 450mm (24″) 1.4m3/s 50pa 200pa 80-90%
G4 600mm (18″) 1.6m3/s 50pa 200pa 80-90%

The above information is based on a full sized filter 592x592x20mm

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