Cleaning Crystals for Grease Filters

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Cleaning Crystals Description

Cleaning crystals universal degreasing powder can be used to clean Metal Grease Filters. When mixed with hot or cold water, crystals form a non-caustic, non-toxic formula. This chemical is used extensively because of its safety and, ability to cut through grease. Also the degreaser can be used to clean table tops, utensils, and dishwashers. Available in 5kg tubs.

Cleaning your Kitchen Canopy Baffle Grease Filters

A and B Size Kitchen Canopy Baffle / Mesh Grease filter heated cleaning tank with drain point
Canopy Baffle or Mesh Grease Filter Heated cleaning tank

It is imperative that Kitchen Canopy Baffle Grease Filters is regularly cleaned according to use. This may be accomplished by steam cleaning, washing in a dishwasher using conventional detergents and cleaners or by using proprietary degreasants.

For a easier deeper clean, we supply our Kitchen Canopy Grease Filter Cleaning Tank for Restaurants, Excellent for soaking grease clogged Baffle Style Grease Filters and Mesh Style Grease Filters.

Technical Information

Directions for use: A free flowing yellow powder which quickly dissolves in warm water. When you dissolve the chlorine steriliser in water, it releases a sterilising agent that can kill all types of bacteria, mould, yeast, and grease stains.

Items Crystals Hot or Cold Water
Grease Filters 50g 4.5 Litres
Floor Cleaning 50g 4.5 Litres
TableTops 14g 4.5 Litres
Utensils 14g 4.5 Litres
Machinery 14g 4.5 Litres
Dish Washers 4g 4.5 Litres
Pipelines 14g 4.5 Litres

After use, dispose of the preparation via foul drain. Large volumes to be treated as controlled waste. Disposal to licensed waste disposal site in accordance with local waste disposal authority. Clean used container and recycle.

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