Rigid Bag Filter M6, F7, F8, F9 to EN779 E10 to EN1822

A Rigid Bag Filter is a high efficiency compact cassette filter with a high media surface from the minicell packs inside resulting in low resistance and high dust holding capacity. The core of the compact cassette filter is a pleated minicell pack filter media with thermoplastic separators to form a pack that is sealed in a plastic frame in a V formation. Rigid Bags come in three standard sizes with 20 or 25mm headers.

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What size is your Rigid Bag Filter?

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Rigid Bag Filter Applications

This compact cassette rigid bag is particularly suitable for use in general air conditioning systems where space is restricted or a rigid filter construction is required to combat turbulence, variable air volume conditions or vibrations. Furthermore a Rigid Bag Filter offers constant high efficiency allied with a low resistance.

  • Anti-microbial filter media
  • Synthetic – 100% polypropylene media
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very low initial resistance

Rigid Bag Filter & Minicell Cartridge Construction

The High Performance Rigid Bag Filter is a cartridge type cassette filter, the full size unit containing 14 square metres of media in the form of eight individual slabs of 22mm deep pleated polypropylene filter media. The addition of extruded polypropylene separators to the pleated media gives a unique V configuration which ensures low initial resistance combined with a long service life.

The graded fibre density of coarse fibres upstream and fine fibres downstream create optimum particle capture characteristics. The minicell filter is contained within a polypropylene frame. The final pleated filter cell is extremely durable with high compressive strength in the airflow direction.

Alternative Filters

High Performance Bag Filter Grades M5-F9 to EN779 air filters
High Efficiency Bag Filter Grades M5-F9

For other medium to fine (M5-F9) filtration solutions check out our high efficiency bag filter range.

Size Range

Rigid Bag Filters are only available in standard sizes with a 20 & 25mm header and the sizes available are:

  • 592 x 592 x 292
  • 592 x 490 x 292
  • 592 x 287 x 292

Dimensions and Performance Characteristics

Grade Actual Filter Size (mm) Rated Air Volume Resistance at Rated Capacity Max Humidity
M6 592 x 592 x 292 1.18m3/s 80pa 100% RH
F7 592 x 592 x 292 1.18m3/s 115pa 100% RH
F8 592 x 592 x 292 1.18m3/s 120pa 100% RH
F9 592 x 592 x 292 1.18m3/s 140pa 100% RH
E10 592 x 592 x 592 1.18m3/s 150pa

Maximum Temperature: 80°C – Final Resistance: 450Pa