Binks Bullows Spray Booth Filter

The Binks Bullows Spray Booth filter is used in spray booths for removing wet and dry over spray from the air stream.

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Binks Bullows Spray Booth Filter Description

Spray booths primarily uses the Binks Bullows style filter. This is because the filter is designed to remove wet and dry over spray from the air stream.

Made from two sheets of heavy paper containing staggered rows of perforations. This then forces the air to pass through the filter with quick turns. Thus making the paint laden air and particulates deposits to attach themselves to the filter as they hit the surfaces within before the cleaner air leaves the filter.

Binks Spray booth Filter Air Flow

Applications for Binks Bullows

Binks Bullows style filter are installed across the width of a spray booth. Then one end is clipped in place and the working section of the filter pulled across the spray booth and secured. Once the filter becomes too dirty to use, it can be cut and removed allowing for a new filter section to be pulled across.

Glass Fibre Air Filter Media Rolls Grade G2/G3
Glass Fibre Media Rolls

Glass Fibre Media is also often used in spray booths for paint stop filtration, this is due to the medias resistant to moisture and wet particles, allowing it to remove paint form the air.

Technical Information

Maximum Recommended Face Velocity : 0.25 to 1m/s

Clean Pressure Drop : 55Pa at 1m/s

Recommended Max Pressure Drop: 128Pa

Filter Dimensions: 9.2m x 900mm